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How Newsstand failed The Magazine, and what Apple should do

Oct. 31, 2014 | GLENN FLEISHMAN

Apple's Newsstand was introduced with iOS 5 as a place for apps designed to deliver content in the form of a periodical--whether continuously as new articles or in the form or regularly produced issues--to gain superpowers. A Newsstand app could change its cover each issue, update images on demand in the App Store, automatically download content in the background, and have a free trial period.


Power tools company uses marketing analytics to compete with big box stores

Oct. 31, 2014 | STEPHANIE OVERBY

If you're in the market for a chain saw or a leaf blower, you might consider a product from Stihl. But you won't find the company's products at Home Depot or Lowe's. Stihl operates an independent dealer-only retail distribution program that its leaders say is instrumental in helping the company dominate the gasoline-powered outdoor tool category.


MSI fit a full mechanical keyboard in its new GT80 Titan gaming laptop

Oct. 31, 2014 | HAYDEN DINGMAN

The mechanical keyboard's become pretty prevalent in certain gaming circles over the past few years, as more and more people are liberated from their mediocre rubber dome lifestyle. If there's one area that's yet to take advantage of the rise of mechanical keyboards, however, it's laptops. And that makes sense--laptops are on an ever-present quest to get thinner and shed more pounds while gaining performance, which is why most use scissor switches or a modified scissor switch variant.


CIOs must market IT's value

Oct. 31, 2014 | ADAM DENNISON

Why don't more CIOs make it a serious priority to market IT internally? Done well, it shows the business value of IT and gives visibility to top performers, says CIO Publisher Adam Dennison.

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