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Teng Fang Yih | June 9, 2009
According to new EMC-sponsored research, that is the number of new digital information bits created in 2008.

According to new EMC-sponsored research, that is the number of new digital information bits created in 2008.

Contrary to popular belief, as the economy deteriorated in late 2008, the pace of digital information created and transmitted over the Internet, phone networks and airwaves actually increased, John Gantz, chief research officer at IDC was quoted saying in an EMC press release (Digital Information Growth Outpaces Projections, Despite Down Economy) issued on May 19, 2009.

While the pace of digital information increased in 2008, IT budgets declined, thus creating an even larger divide between the amount of information generated and the amount of IT resource purchased and deployed to manage it, the authors of the press release said, before coming to the following conclusion. This dynamic further validates the demand for tools and techniques (e.g. virtualisation, deduplication and other data reduction technologies) geared specifically to managing more with less.

Ah yes, more with less! What an altogether nauseating cliché. Sadly, a lot of lifes work right now is being sold to us as all about doing more with less.

Seriously: what do you, our readers, the information and communication technology professionals out there, think about the stuff that seems to get published and put out routinely on the Web today? Also: what do you think about how, in spite of the terrible state the global economys in, your load has gotten heavier and is going to continue doing so? And: what would you do if you were told that despite your best efforts to date under such difficult circumstances as described above, your enterprises infrastructure is getting more insecure by the day with more threats and risk factors going up on a daily basis too, and that oh, not only is your enterprise insecure, your job is also not secure?

Is it as bad as theythe experts, analysts and researchers from so-called credible research housessay?

Tell me it aint so. Or tell me where to put the 3,892,179,868,480,350,000,000 bits.


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