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A smart nation needs a smart, intelligent network

Joseph Lim, Vice President, Asia Pacific, FNT Software | Oct. 19, 2015
To get Singapore's Smart Nation on the right footing from the start, one key strategy is to ensure that robust data centres and systems with process-based documentation are built.

We know this for a fact because, as we have seen in past one to two years in Singapore, there have been significant failures despite the vast IT investments made. When legacy systems and processes fail, the task of extracting comprehensive information from these data centres becomes a shocking challenge. We have seen how much time it has taken for systems to get back up again. These legacy cases do not help in Singapore's Smart Nation pursuits.

To overcome this challenge and get the Smart Nation on the right footing from the start, one key strategy is to ensure that we build robust systems with process-based documentation. There are powerful technology solutions that provide customers reliable solutions to address these management issues and optimise operational processes.

Another step involves ensuring that information is captured and traced in a quick and timely manner. This is at the core of data management in the Smart Nation pursuit. If this is not done, it will take a long time before specialists are able to ascertain why systems behave the way they do. This would go back to the premise that real-time information across different network and infrastructure need strong documentation and intelligence embedded into the systems.

Finally, there is a need to ensure that there are built-in measurement processes and technologies to deliver on the Smart Nation promise. Strategists, key stakeholders, urban planners, among others, need to plan, measure and ascertain that the life expectancy of each of the thousands of items in its network. When intelligent integrated systems are built into an organisation's infrastructure, the "smart" notion in the Smart Nation journey starts to take place.

It may sound like a cliché but a Smart Nation needs a smart information technology strategy and the key is really to plan and build information technology networks which leverage appropriate tools. These systems need to scale and easily integrate with a multitude of computing systems. This has to be done within a defined service level that needs a detailed documentation, knowledge of the basic working assets and transparency of the underlying infrastructure.

A master central tool for planning will be a good start overcoming future challenges and makes documentation of the information technology infrastructure a breeze. It will also provide full transparency to the entire infrastructure that is required in the service chain to deliver a disparate range of services. The result is identifying and analysing faults quickly and accurately hence alleviating service disruptions.


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