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BLOG: Apple's iPad III

Stefan Hammond | March 15, 2012
Apple neglected to give their new product a number, doesn't matter.

Partly because of this, Apple's main competitor for its iPad is its MacBook Air. With a full-size keyboard and slots for peripherals, the Air is a better platform for many users. Nobody's selling MacBook Air futures in Mongkok, but it's a serious work-computer that hopefully will get the super-res iPad 3 screen in its next iteration.

As a longtime Mac user, it's bizarre to see the company so lauded by the mainstream and so besieged by its gadget-fanatics. I've had grim-faced besuited financial tell me "real men don't drag-and-drop" without a trace of irony. Nowadays, perhaps the same suits plan to put their domestic helper in a queue for Apple's latest device...or make deals with the boys in Mongkok.

In Hong Kong, sometimes we seem to forget that the primary purpose of a flat is for people to live in, and sometimes we forget that the purpose of a tech-device is different from that of a designer-bag: the latest and greatest isn't a must-have. The iPad 3 is a nice piece of gear, but Apple sometimes seems buried under a mountain of hype. Considering their other crucial tasks (issuing security updates to both OS X and iOS, continuing to support their chipsets down the Intel Core 2 Duo, revamping various product lines and keeping their supply chain humming while ensuring their assembly-workers have reasonable workplaces/hours and their construction processes respect the environment), while it's nice to have so many revenue streams, Apple must never forget their original users: people like me who appreciate a well designed, evolved personal computer operating system and hardware that matches those standards.


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