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BLOG: Apple's "new iPad": Too late to be corporate game changer

Scott Bradner | March 8, 2012
It's been a hard few years for we-control-everything corporate IT departments as well as for the "Microsoft is the answer, what was your question?" approach to corporate computing. It has also been a while since corporate IT departments have had to deal with a new reality that completely changed how they interact with their users.

Seems to me that the first issue is way overblown. Remember that there are dozens of YouTube videos of 3-year-old kids running i* devices just fine - most employees should be able to do most things on their own just fine as well. The security issue is a real one and one that corporate IT will have to work thorough, but it is unclear if the risk is that much different than with corporate-owned portable devices.

Apple, with the announcement of the new iPad Wednesday has upped the ante. Few remaining corporate IT departments will be able to resist the tide - and it is far from clear if there is a way to recover the old normal.

Disclaimer: Harvard is not immune to this problem. I do expect an updated portable device policy soon, but I'm not involved in creating such policy, so the above observations are my own.


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