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BLOG: Being a Public Cloud Provider may not be all that

Alan Shimel | May 29, 2013
Dell and others rethinking if they want to play in the public cloud provider market

Now, before you lynch me, I am not saying that eventually public clouds will rule. They may, at some point. But from a business point of view, Dell is following the smart money here by concentrating on private clouds and hybrid connectors.

In speaking to many enterprise IT people, I think many are more comfortable with a private cloud infrastructure anyway. A public cloud over which they have little control is just not as comfortable to them.

VMware with their own public cloud is another interesting case. They are well positioned to play in the private cloud arena, but they are going for it all with a public cloud that I am sure will offer seamless integration into the VMware public cloud.

Yes, it is certainly a time for change as the cloud market shakes out. While the public cloud space seems like the biggest prize, smart business money recognizes that there is plenty of gold in private and hybrid clouds.


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