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BLOG: Intelligence has landed: the data centre of the future is here

Mike Jansma | April 11, 2013
A new breed of intelligent power distribution units has entered the market which will help data centre managers get to grips with the bigger issues of energy costs and downtime.

 Standard PDUs have no-user serviceable parts and it is widely believed that to upgrade the core intelligent management function, the entire PDU needs to be replaced. Conversely intelligent PDUs offer full hot-swapping capability of the network intelligence module. This means the PDU can be replaced or upgraded by in-house teams without interrupting vital power supply and the longstanding fear of downtime can be eradicated.

PDUs with a small framework and low profile circuit breakers allow engineers to access other components within the rack, reducing crowding and interference. The physical size of the PDU is often overlooked until an emergency highlights the importance of a sleek design. A large rack PDU can interfere with the removal of server components and prevent hot-swapping in times of equipment maintenance. The best competitors in the intelligent PDU market will deliver both maximum performance and ease of use, an expectation which should now come as standard.

 In order to tackle the mounting pressure on data centres to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, the industry craves a change in mind-set from all stakeholders. The PDU is the lifeblood of a data centre - but is also considered the weakest link in the data chain and often ignored. Bringing intelligence to your energy management with the right PDU provides all stakeholders with the opportunity to achieve a power balance in the data centre, supporting operational, environmental and financial needs.

The time to seize this opportunity is today.

Mike Jansma is co-founder, Enlogic


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