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BLOG: Top five things the cloud is not

Yaj Malik, Area Vice President, ASEAN, Citrix | Sept. 6, 2012
While it is important to know what the cloud is, it is just as important to understand what the cloud is not.

3. Cloud is not an island. The debate on public clouds versus private clouds continues till today, and it may feel as if enterprises must make a wholesale decision on which way to go. But the cloud is not an island, it is not a place where one puts all of one's IT services, and then loses all interconnectivity and access. The right cloud strategy is one that enables you to have a hybrid approach, with the ability to easily connect private and public clouds.  Recent moves in the market, where companies purchase cloud services from industry leaders despite already having a cloud solution, point to a move towards open, interoperable multi-cloud environments.

4.  Cloud is not top-down. The cloud has up-ended the traditional IT approach to delivering services. With specific needs to get to market quickly, functional business leaders are consuming cloud services to avoid traditional IT processes. Additionally, end-users are also able to gain instant access to infinite pools of IT resource to help test out a new idea, get their job done or even become more agile in their daily work. With consumerisation of IT driving this new movement, more often than not, users are already there and C-level offices are just now trying to catch up. Those that embrace this move, sooner rather than later, will learn how to use the cloud as a strategic weapon before their competitors do.  In fact, the cloud is a bottoms-up phenomenon.

5.  Cloud is not hype.  As mentioned at the start, (mis)information may have slowed the progression and adoption of the cloud for some organisations. There are many organisations and people who are still skeptical of the cloud and believe that it is something that is very far off into the future. The reality is that the cloud is ready now, and Citrix itself has more than 100 organisations that are already reaping the benefits from running cloud solutions.

Companies considering a move towards the cloud should take every opportunity to learn from others who have already built highly scalable, successful clouds. Built correctly, cloud computing can deliver higher efficiency, limitless scalability and faster deployment of new services to the end-user, giving them the ability to compete with established cloud services, such as Amazon.

Yaj Malik is area vice president, ASEAN, Citrix



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