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Flu away your fears

Jack Loo | May 8, 2009
The swine flu may not be as bad as feared but business continuity plans need to be reviewed and exercised

Just when the threat of swine flu is starting to cast its shadow over Singapore and its economy, it seems that the potential pandemic is beginning to fade off.

The early part of the week saw health stations screening for fever symptoms set up at various office buildings in Singapore. The Raffles II exercise held in October last year by the Monetary Authority of Singapore was no longer just about meeting regulatory requirements.

Then things turned out not to be as bad as feared. The H1N1 virus appears milder than originally feared, according to the Singapore government. The Ministry of Health announced it would lower its flu alert level to yellow from the current orange on Monday, 11 May, if the current situation remains.

Before everyone starts going back to their normal life of keeping costs down, caution needs to be maintained. Scientists have warned about an upcoming second wave of the swine flu.

In fact, everyone should anticipate the possible threat of pandemic-level flu into their corporate plans as there is always a form of flu virus happening regularly somewhere around the world. For instance, business continuity plans need to be reviewed and exercised whenever possible.

There might not be a next time.

A staff writer with Fairfax Business Media, Jack Loo is a full-time web and magazine reading addict, from to webmonkey and monocle.


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