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How to find the right DDoS partner to turn security into performance drivers

Terrence Gareau, Chief Scientist and Donny Chong, Asia Pacific Product Director, Nexusguard | Oct. 16, 2015
What are some of the key business risks facing service providers? And how can IT teams mitigate these as effectively as possible while adding value for customers in what is an increasingly competitive industry? Here are some answers.

What to ask
The key to advancing performance through security is to collaborate with the right expert provider to enhance and optimise your services, and not just a vendor that wants to reach out to your customers through you. Identifying the right partner can come down to knowing what questions to ask.


  1. First up, make sure there are no upfront costs associated with the offering. You should be able to market the service under your own brand and as a value-add to your existing suite of services and solutions.

  2. Ask what kind of revenue sharing model the provider is offering. The ideal partner is one that believes in the partnership, and one who will give you a fair share of the profits and allow you to market the service as your own — boosting the reputation of your business among customers.

  3. Next, ask about speed to service. It is important to invest in a platform that you can use to provision your customers in minutes. Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are crucial, so being able to protect customers quickly via an easy-to-use portal is a must have requirement.

  4. Think about the service provider itself. Do your due diligence on the DDoS mitigation provider. Do they have a decent track record in the industry? Are they well known and highly regarded by the analyst community? Will they take care of even the most complex scenario and enable you to deliver an industry-leading service that carries your name and your reputation?

  5. "Low latency" and "high capacity" should be at the top of your list of requirements for your partner. Together, you and your partner will deliver excellent site performance and an industry-leading user experience, while at the same time protecting your customers from incursions and attacks that can damage reputation and impact business performance.

  6. Also, be sure you understand if they meet regulatory requirements. The protection of credit data and sensitive information is of the utmost concern in some business sector. Is the offering secure enough for processing, storing and/or transmission of credit card data and sensitive information, for instance?

  7. Also look for flexibility and agility. Does your partner offer flexible delivery models – on-premise, hybrid or cloud – that match your specific business needs? The right partner will not require you to change your business model, but instead, adapt to enhance yours.

Security today is about adding value for your customers while boosting the performance of your business. So finally, and most importantly, ask whether your prospective cyber security and DDoS mitigation partner can provide other services in one single package: for example, web application firewalls, caching, load balancing and the like. Are you partnering with a comprehensive security platform, or a single vector player that may not provide the reliable expertise your customers will expect?


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