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Imitation is flattery in the IT world

Ross O. Storey | Sept. 7, 2009
Apple sets the standard for others to follow.

This is food for thought, but probably an idle hope. If other consumers are like me, they will likely continue to buy the latest and greatest devices, irrespective of the range of formats being offered. I confess that I enjoy shopping for IT equipmentmainly because of the range of things being continually offered and updated.

Somewhere in my upbringing I also became fascinated with wires and connections and love browsing through hardware stores to buy knick knacks that might someday be of use.

Geeks and gadget freaks

My wife tells me I am a gadget freak, but this seems highly appropriate given my current role. I wear such labels and being sometimes called a geek with pride.

Im a long-standing PC user and have learnt that technology is marvellouswhen it works. When it doesnt, I always get far too upset. I am on first name terms with too many computer technicians because I always attempt to fix things myself which can be a mistake.

The overall efficiency and dependability of most of our modern-day technology systems used by government and big business is, however, testimony to how IT has matured to the point where we simply cannot live without it.

Ross O. Storey, currently the Managing Editor of Fairfax Business Media Asia, is responsible for the editorial content and production of MIS Asia, CIO Asia, Computerworld Singapore and Computerworld Malaysia magazines.   


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