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My US$200 laptop can beat your US$500 tablet

Tom Dunlap | March 21, 2011
Where a lifer laptop owner grouses about the areas where his less sexy Lenovo ThinkPad X30 easily bests either Apple iPad.

The Storage Available on a Laptop:If you want to download and store tons of decent-quality movies, TV shows, videos, music, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, etc., the iPad 2's 64GB of storage (the most available) falls short. Even the 250GB of storage on a decent laptop fills up faster than you think. (However, we do grant you that you can easily back up almost anything to external storage or to a cloud-based service.)

A Laptop's Ports: No USB port on an iPad? Sure there are pricey adapters, but what if you want to plug in a mouse, digital camera, and/or printer? So much for the iPad's smooth lines and ease of use. Being able to insert a USB device or a thumbdrive into my laptop is essential to me.

As for Apple's iPad, here are a few of my least favorite things:

The iPad Doesn't Have Multitasking: So I can't listen to sports talk radio online, check to see if little Charlie has bitten anyone else's finger, and type my blog, all at the same time? This versatility is why we love mobile computers. This fact alone will always keep me using a laptop.

The IPad Is Confined by the Limits of iTunes: Jared Newman, a PCWorld blogger, summed it up: "Even if you never sync a single piece of media from a computer to an iPad, you still need iTunes on a PC or Mac to keep the tablet's software up to date. This needs to change," he wrote in the Today@PCWorld blog. For a longer look at the iPad 2's limitations, check Jared Newman's list of 5 Disappointments with Apple iPad 2.

The iPad's Battery Isn't Replacable: I know the iPad has respectable battery life, but if you need to work on a long plane ride and in a café with no available power outlets, I feel you'll need excellent battery life and a back-up cell that installs easily. This just isn't possible on either model of iPad. Like all Apple mobile devices, the battery is sealed and nonreplaceable.


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