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Next generation Geo-IP filtering can be fine tuned to vastly reduce unwanted and malicious traffic

Linda Musthaler | Nov. 12, 2014
More granular filters can cut some of the bad stuff off at the pass.

The user interface to set these policies is quite user friendly, making it easy to see what countries are being filtered, and how.

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Like any good security device, the PacketViper appliances are updated each evening with a daily intelligence feed of known bad IP addresses. The information comes from numerous sources all over the world.

PacketViper claims to have a customer that implemented a Geo-IP filter in order to eliminate malicious and other unwanted traffic to its email system. With the PacketViper filter on, threatening email numbered fewer than 1,000 messages per hour. When the customer turned off the Geo-IP filter for comparison purposes, the amount of threatening email increased by 2,000%. Without the PacketViper filter removing those unwanted messages, the chances of spam and malware getting through to end users clearly increased. What's more, other security solutions such as anti-virus, anti-malware and spam filtering, had to work much harder. With PacketViper, the bad stuff can be dropped before it ever hits the rest of your security infrastructure, so your firewalls and other tools can operate much more efficiently and effectively.

We know that attacks and other malicious traffic is on the increase. We know where much of it originates. By adding this special purpose geo-specific filtering device, a lot of bad traffic can be removed before it enters your network, and you can prevent traffic from going outside your network to places where it just shouldn't go.

Source: Network World


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