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Seen and Heard #12

Jack Loo | April 5, 2010
F1 rain troubles, a world of iPads, Flash in iPads

Another F1 cock up

The F1 race weekend at Malaysia this week saw two top teams McLaren and Ferrari drop to the last few spots on the starting grid when they failed to judge weather conditions correctly.

During the qualifying session, the engineers for the two teams decided to hold back their cars from running onto the lap, in anticipation that the rain will stop or at least lessen. Things worsened as the rain persisted. By the time they started their runs, the track conditions had turned so bad that the drivers were not able to clock timings that were fast enough. See here and here.

One BBC reader posted on the website that the engineers could at least look up and see the sky instead of being glued to their screens. And rightly so, people can be too embroiled in their technology and fail to get in touch with what is happening on the ground. This occurs anywhere even in a generic workplace, not just in F1.

Invasion of the iPads

Apples iPad was released in the US over the weekend. And the other manufacturers are racing out their own versions.

Funny how things work, when one vendor unveils something that is deemed best-selling, everyone starts to follow. In the end, everyone is selling a version of something.

Where is the Flash in iPad?

Still on iPad, Webmonkey gives you one reason you should consider not spending your hard-earned US$499 on the new device.


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