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Seen and Heard #2

Jack Loo | Aug. 14, 2009
The slow-but-sure approach to cloud and business analytics vendor SAS complete my roundup of what happened the past week. Okay, weeks.

1) SearchCIO reports that hotel chain IHG in the US is starting out with a private cloud infrastructure as a pilot before going to the external providers. (Wary of public cloud, CIO builds private cloud and transition plan,289142,sid182_gci1364027,00.html)

This is a nice way to gradually scale things up, while waiting for the technology and operators to mature.

On a similar note, Singapore-based Paul Sharp, vice president of information technology and supply chain at AdvalTech Omni, a maker of precision tooling and molds, took the slow-but-sure approach.

He has a slightly different concern where he did not want to dive head-first into the cloud and get into a contract can end up being an expensive burden.

So he began with a project that handles IT assets and control. The small and easily manageable initiative started off in Singapore before expanding to the region and then to Central America and China.

2) More on the SAS Premier Business Leadership Series Singapore 2009. This was something I forgot to mention in my previous blog. A note by the PR just before the event was sent out to all the journalists. Basically it is a brief, telling people the timings and venues, plus a few backgrounders.

But one paragraph really stood out, and drew a few laughs around the editorial room.

Kindly note that SAS should be pronounced as sass and not S-A-S or SAS Institute.

When asked, the PR gravely said this line came about as journalists in the past have really used S-A-S and the sass (I mean SAS) folks were not pleased about it.

This is bad. It is like calling SAP sap instead of S-A-P. This incident really makes me wonder how people managed to live through their lives so oblivious to what is really happening around them. Or they think they understand what is going on at all.

A staff writer with Fairfax Business Media, Jack Loo is a full-time web and magazine reading addict, from to webmonkey and monocle.


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