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Seen and heard #3

Jack Loo | Aug. 25, 2009
After losing your job, would you still want to buy a PS3 for your kids?

1) Accenture has made a series of recommendations for software vendors struggling in this economy, wrote Eric Lai from Computerworld US.

One is to cut down on unintentional piracy through simplifying licences and providing tools for customers to track software usage. Another is not to go overboard in rushing to cloud computing or software-as-a-service.

Then there is one that will make plenty of employees unhappy; trimming expenses by cutting headcount.

2) After months of predictions from gamers, journalists and analysts, Sony has announced a slimmer and cheaper PS3, taking off US$100 off the consoles price to US$300, according to Matt Peckham from PC World (US).

Will the price be reduced any further for the Christmas season?

3) James Niccolai from IDG News Service (San Francisco bureau) wrote that HP reported a two-per cent drop in revenue for the July quarter, which was better than expected, and said its business is stabilising. And the bright spot has been its services business.

The tech giant has also been quick to add that the market is gradually stabilising; the same thing that every other vendor on planet Earth has said.

4) The earthquake and Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan have damaged several undersea network cables, slowing down the Internet in China, reported Owen Fletcher, IDG News Service (Beijing bureau).  

A few operators took the chance to proudly announce how safe their cables are and how their services remain uninterrupted. Well, till the next natural disaster then.

5) All the talk on how important human talent is in the IT department comes to naught, when CIOs continue to cut jobs so that their IT budgets remain presentable to the business overlords.

According to Forrester Research, a majority of more than 1,000 enterprise IT decision-makers in North America and Europe resorted to hiring freezes, staff reductions or pay and benefits decreases in an effort to lessen IT budgets and spending, reported Denise Dubie of Network World (US).

A staff writer with Fairfax Business Media, Jack Loo is a full-time web and magazine reading addict, from to webmonkey and monocle.


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