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Share a common Gmail inbox

Robert Strohmeyer, PCWorld | May 19, 2011
If your company or department uses a single Gmail address that needs to be monitored by multiple people, there's a Google Apps add-on that can make that happen.

If your company or department has a single Gmail () address that needs to be monitored by multiple people, there's an easy way for all of them to share it: Shared Inbox for Gmail is a Google Apps Marketplace add-on from RunMyProcess that installs on your domain in minutes and simplifies the job of sharing one inbox among multiple users.

To use it, you first need a separate Google Apps e-mail address to share between your existing users—, say. Once you have that address set up, cruise over to the Shared Inbox for Gmail page in the Google Apps Marketplace and sign up. It's free for up to three users, and $10 per user per year for more. Because the service charges by the user, you can create as many shared inboxes as you need.

Once installed, Shared Inbox lives in the left sidebar of Gmail, where any inboxes you've shared with a given user will appear with an unread count beside the inbox's name. A dropdown menu lets users navigate directly to unread messages, assigned messages, and archives.

You can assign a given message as a task for any other user with access to the inbox, so each message acts like a work ticket that you can quickly track from the inbox itself. As a result, RunMyProcess Shared Inbox for Gmail can eliminate the need for a separate system to track sales or support tickets while still ensuring that no enquiry goes unanswered. And if your team is very small (as in three people), it's hard to argue the price.

The add-on also compares favorably to other cloud support-ticket services such as Zoho Support, which costs $12 per user per month. Of course, Shared Inbox lacks the robust process tracking and customization of those dedicated services, too. But if your primary concern is making sure everyone in your group can access a single Google inbox and respond reliably to each message, Shared Inbox could be the answer.


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