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Take my shoes. Please!

Teng Fang Yih | Jan. 29, 2009
There has been at least one positive thing to happen in the past couple weeks though.

Everywhere Ive looked in the past 12  months, the news has been bad. Everywhere I turn today, layoff announcements and company bankruptcies rule the headlines. I hope some of you found relief during the blessed Christmas, New Years and Chinese New Year break, because peace of mind could be a long time comin.

Oh yes, of course, Ive heard my bosses, colleagues and other such experts on the subject of the global economy talk about how things are going to bottom out sometime soon, at the end of this year, the next, maybe in 2010. Id rather stay off the drugs for now and be really negative about things. All the predictions being made are the best guesses of people who dont even know how deep a hole we are in today.

There has been at least one positive thing to happen in the past couple weeks though. Theres no Bushit in the White House anymore, as of January 20, 2009. To celebrate this fact I would like to refer to a mid-December highlight in Iraqhere. I remember chewing the cud with my father on New Years day and the shoe-throwing episode came up. His first pronouncement was that this George W. Bush probably knew some kung fu, considering how deftly he avoided both shoes. I wanted to say something else, in fact I wanted to say a lot more, but I thought for a second and let it go. Id much rather be the one throwing the shoes myself.

Failing that, Id have gladly given my shoes to whoever was taking part in the Throw-A-Shoe at Bush events in San Francisco over the last inauguration weekend. Id gladly give my shoes up for any Throw-A-Shoe at Bush at a later date, for that matter. So please get in touch with me if youre going. (Ref. my e-mail address.)

Celebrate and celebrate big and hard. For tomorrow the black man is asking all of us to do the work fixing the worlds economy requires.


Teng Fang Yih is the editor of Computerworld Singapore and Computerworld Malaysia. 


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