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The Macalope Weekly: Who writes this stuff?

The Macalope | Sept. 10, 2012
It'll be a big week next weekas Apple gets set to unveil the next iPhone, and the pundits are already letting us know what a disappointment it'll be. Aren't they helpful? Frankly, the Macalope is used to that, since it happens every year. What he can't take are the trite pop culture comparisons to Apple that some people think are oh-so-smart. At least those we can argue about. Our last pundit this week can't even get basic facts right. Oh, the Macalope's aching antlers!

With Microsoft's recent tie ins with Nokia and even Samsung's forays into Windows Mobile world, it seems that Bill Gates (or whoever is creating Microsoft gameplans these days) has something similar in mind.

OK, Seeking Alpha, now you're just pulling our legs, right? Liston doesn't know who runs Microsoft and can't be bothered to look it up?

What is it, exactly, you think your readers get from "analysis" like this, Seeking Alpha? Other than a good laugh, that is?



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