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When "The West Wing" meets the "Man of the Year"

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 4, 2008
Or how Barack Obama can still lose the election?

Nothing is what it seems, the cynic would rant.

If you want the real news, dont read the newspapers, he would say.

But most often than not, events prove the cynic right.

Take this years US Presidential elections, for instance.  

For the first time in Americas history, a man of colour is tipped to occupy the most powerful political post in the world.

Barak ObamaThe hope-inspiring Barack Obamas rise through the democratic ranks has become a stuff of folk lore.

Obama's The Audacity of Hope has become a bestseller. He has become a hero for his message of peace and change for millions of people around the world. Even before there was the Obama Girl, he inspired the writers of prime time TV. The protagonist, Matthew Santos, in the final season of the much-loved political TV series, The West Wing was based on his character. I drew inspiration from [Obama] in drawing this character, West Wing writer and producer Eli Attie told the Guardian.  

So far so good.

But how does the reality look like when the moment of reckoning has arrived?

The historic elections are only hours away from now (at the time of writing). The good news is that all polls indicate that Barak Obama is set to beat his rival John McCain at the hustings.

However, doubts persist.

Maybe the polls are wrong, and John McCain is about to pull off the biggest election upset in American historywere the opening lines in the latest column by Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist and this years  Nobel Prize winner for Economics.

Voting fraud

Though there are no reported last minute surges in support of McCain, some are pointing to voting fraud. Voting fraud will dash Obamas hopes, they say.

Writing in his diary in The Outlook magazine, BBC journalist Daniel Lak says: Many Americans say theres another logic-defying reason Obama might lose: ballot-rigging. Yes, my friends, it does happen.

Shocking, isnt it?

But not for those who have been following the US elections.

Lak further adds:  In 1960, John F. Kennedy beat Richard Nixon by several hundred thousand votes, most delivered by the crooked Democratic Party machine in Chicago. And many Democrats still believe that George W. Bushs Republican Party stole the last two elections. The first was in 2000 with purges of black peoplereliable Democratsfrom voting lists in Florida. Then four years later, inexplicable voting machine glitches in the key state of Ohio largely seemed to hit Democrat-leaning students and, er blacks yet again.


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