Computerworld Singapore Customer Care Awards 2011

Celebrating Champion Organisations of Customer Care

Each year, our valued readers take part in a comprehensive evaluation exercise in which they rate the quality of customer care they receive from their technology and services providers before, during and after the deployment/activation of contracted solutions. Called the Computerworld Singapore Customer Care Awards programme, it serves as an annual report card on technology providers' customer care programmes, giving their customers a platform to express their satisfaction (or lack thereof) with the way their vendors have treated them in the preceding 12 months.

Some technology providers have taken the trouble, extended their hands and invested more time and money than has been required of them to help their customers through some mighty rough patches in the last three horrible years. Some have not.

As with last year's edition, the Customer Care Awards 2011 will show which vendors and service providers have gone the extra mile to render exceptionally good services beyond the call of contractual obligation to their customers, and demonstrate with deeds rather than words, just how much they truly care for their customers; and which have not.

And as in previous years, the ones with the most glowing reports and highest ratings from their customers–the winners of the Customer Care Awards 2011–will be feted in at an award presentation event devoted to them, and featured in a special issue Computerworld Singapore.