Who have been voted the "superheroes" of 2011?
Visit here for Computerworld Singapore Readers Choice Awards 2011 winners list.

The Computerworld Singapore Readers Choice Awards (RCA) is in its 16th year as the definitive voice of the nation's IT Community.

Considered the Oscars of the IT industry, the Awards go to vendors that score well in the areas of price, performance, functionality and ease of use.

In the last three tough years, charged with having to "do more with even less," organisations in the public and private sectors have been up against a brick wall made mostly of shrinking budgets and staff reductions. Though there would appear to be limits "doing more with even less," some companies have survived and even thrived to our astonishment.

Creativity and "downright guts" are just two of the features that helped to drive many of outstanding achievements in the last year among the world's top technology vendors and service providers. They have helped their customers "do more with even less," indeed pushing that notion to almost miraculous and heroic limits.

These are therefore the "superheroes" of 2011 for their customers.

They proved their zest and loyalty to their customers in the past year with the top technologies and services they delivered. They stood up, reached out and helped their customers get more and more value from their IT budgets. This year's Readers Choice Awards seek to honour them.

Our readers have been part of this movement to show recognition to the vendors and service providers who helped them out through these past 12 months-enabling them to get top dollar ROI from their technology investments.

In this November/December 2011 issue of Computerworld Singapore, we showcase these top enterprise IT products, services and vendors of the year - voted into their leading positions by the parties who matter the most, users and customers.

This exclusive set of our nation's ICT industries luminaries will also join Computerworld Singapore at an Award Ceremony on the 21th of October, to celebrate their commendable achievement.