Celebrating the “Gold Medal Winners” of the Year

Visit here for Computerworld Singapore Readers Choice Awards 2012 winners list.

The Computerworld Singapore Readers Choice Awards (RCA) is in its 17th year as the definitive awards of the nation's IT Community.

Chosen and voted by Computerworld Singapore readers, the Awards go to the nation's top technology vendors and providers with top scores in the software, hardware and services categories.

For the past year, these companies have displayed outstanding determination and passion to drive many of outstanding achievements for their customers.

They have helped both themselves and their customers achieve gold standard performances with qualities possessed by many of the world's top athletes and sports personalities as exemplified in the Olympics and UEFA European Championships, to name just two of the sporting events this year.

At Computerworld Singapore, we would like to recognise these technology giants as the "Gold Medal winners" of 2012 for their customers.

In the past few years, organisations in the public and private sectors have continued to face an industry with shrinking budgets and staff reductions. Though there would appear to be limits of "doing more with even less," these companies have "gone for the gold" and succeeded by finding new levels of record-breaking performances. They have honed their skills and services as well as displayed unflinching loyalty to their customers with the delivery of top technologies and services.

In the November/December 2012 issue of Computerworld Singapore, we will be saluting these top enterprise IT vendors and service providers of the year who would into their leading positions by the readers.

This exclusive set of our nation’s ICT industries luminaries will also join Computerworld Singapore at an Award Ceremony on the 4th of October, to celebrate their commendable achievement.