Computerworld Singapore Security Summit 2012: “Is Complacency Setting In?”
The ninth annual Global Information Security Survey conducted by CIO's sister publication CSO magazine and business consulting house PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals a troubling trend, where there has been degradation in core security-related capabilities over a three-year period.

Indeed, fast moving and more complex security problems are already upon us. According to consulting house Ernst & Young’s Global Information Security Survey, organisations face threats both externally and internally.

Information security is about taking the right measures and controls for a specific organisation at a given point of time; but threats change and new vulnerabilities are introduced or removed, which demands that your security strategy must evolve constantly to keep pace, leaving no room for complacency.

  • How well placed is your organisation to handle emergency security incidents such as the compromise of information assets or the loss of service through a denial of service attack?
  • Does your organisation have a 'whistleblower' process in place, and check that employees are trained and alert to security risks?
  • Where is your organisation in terms of governance? Do you have a business sponsor in place for an ongoing security programme?

The nation’s IT executives and security professionals will come together at this event, to determine where their organisations are in these areas, and to note the security-related vulnerabilities, as well as the most critical opportunities and priorities organisations should focus on now and into the coming year.

Event delegates will expect not just market reports and analyses, but also explanation of today’s best practices and strategies

Who should attend?

Senior IT management, CIOs, IT decision makers, IT managers, IT executives, security specialists and business leaders who are involved in organisation’s IT security issues.
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