Computerworld Singapore Security Summit 2013: “The New World”

It is a whole new world for information security practitioners with cloud computing, social media and mobile devices all coming into the office environment.

This means they have to adapt security frameworks to a rapidly changing landscape, according to the Ernst & Young 2012 Global Information Security Survey published in late October 2012.

The study found out that among the 1,850 respondents including CIOs and chief information security officers across the world, their second highest priority is "a fundamental redesign of their information security program." This appears to be reflected by the various security gaps that these CIOs and CISOs acknowledge exist in their organisations adopting new technologies and trends.

Fifty-five per cent said they plan to spend more to secure new technologies, while 63 per cent acknowledged that they felt they had "no formal architecture framework in place, nor are they necessarily planning on using one."

The Ernst & Young study indicate that these IT professionals may feel they have "a patchwork of non-integrated, complex and fragile defenses" that creates gaps in their security.

Not only is there confusion in the tactical area, there is a significant disconnect in security leadership.

According to the Global Information Security Survey conducted by CSO/CIO magazines and PricewaterhouseCoopers, only a third of the 12,052 respondents believe security policies at their organisations are tightly aligned with business objectives.

The survey also found out that the security group is often too far removed from the groups that provide revenue. As a result, security is not seen as a strategic component, but a cost factor.

We would like you to join us as we work towards determining where organisations in Singapore stand with respect to information security, and to examine the security-related vulnerabilities, and critical risk management issues your organisation should focus on now and into the coming year.

Who should attend?

Senior IT management, CIOs, IT decision makers, IT managers, IT executives, security specialists and business leaders who are involved in organisation’s IT security issues.

Computerworld Singapore Security Summit
Date: 12 April 2013
Venue: Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore (Fairmont Hotel)
Time: 8:15am - 3:30pm
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