SiTF's talentguru to bridge the skills and jobs gap in Singapore's ICM market

Nayela Deeba | July 21, 2017
The skills-focused career development platform aim to facilitate the placement of 3,000 information and communications media (ICM) professionals and 1,000 students over the next three years.

Screenshot of part of talentguru's homepage
Screenshot of part of talentguru's homepage.

The Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) has launched talentguru, a skills-focused career development platform.

The move is supported by SPRING Singapore, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and e2i (employment and Employability Institute).

Leveraging JobKred's big data analytics technology, the platform aims to enhance the pipeline of infocomm media talents and deepen the pool of local skills in Singapore. It seeks to have 10,000 users and facilitate the placement of 3,000 information and communications media (ICM) professionals and 1,000 students over the next three years.

Users have to first set up their profiles on talentguru by filling in their basic details and selecting their goal-be it to find explore careers in their current industry, land their dream job, or improve their skills. They are then required to state their existing skills and preferred job positions.

Thereafter, they will be shown a list of jobs that matches the information they have keyed in. However, unlike other job portals, most job ads on talentguru prominently display the skills required for the open position.

This allows users to get a better understanding of the skills required for their desired careers. Students and career switchers can also use this portal to explore possible career pathways in the ICM industry.  

"Many ICM students choose not to pursue a career in the industry after graduation because they feel unprepared. Through some early testing with institutes of higher learnings, students said that talentguru helped to alleviate some of these concerns by providing a clear picture of the skills they needed to get the jobs they wanted. This is an outcome we hope to replicate with career switchers as well," said Lim Kang Song, co-chairman of SiTF Talent & Capabilities Committee.

Similar to LinkedIn, users add or update a professional title, a short summary, skills and work experience, to their profiles at any time. They are also encouraged to upload at least one resume so that they can quickly and easily apply for a desired job.

"[talentguru is] a dedicated platform that links employers with fresh graduates and job seekers-a resource that many did not have in the past. It will also drive industry-wide cooperation by bridging technologists, entrepreneurs, multinationals and Singapore companies with IHLs and government agencies to uncover new science, business and technology talents," said Benjamin Mah, co-chairman, SiTF talent & capabilities committee. 

SiTF is thus working with SPRING to train internship mentors from SMEs and startups, as well as facilitate the matching of ICM students with quality internships. The programme aims to train 300 internship mentors by 2020.

Besides that, SiTF has partnered Proxor to administer a rigorous and certifiable skills assessment for java programming. This will help test a candidate's ability to solve real-world problems and provide an assessment benchmarked against a global cohort, so as to ease transition for career switchers who have re-skilled to join the ICM industry.

In addition, SiTF and e2i will jointly conduct a series of career fairs and seminars over the next two years. The move aims to help local career switchers and displaced professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) smoothly transit to into the ICM industry.