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10 Slack apps to boost workplace collaboration

Sarah K. White | Sept. 18, 2017
From Trello to WorkingOn, here are 10 of the best apps and bots you can integrate with Slack to supercharge team collaboration.


Google+ Hangouts

If you rely on Google+ Hangouts for voice calls, video chat or screen-sharing, you can integrate the app into Slack to initiate a chat using a quick prompt in your Slack channel. A link populates and takes you to a Hangouts session complete with a Slack control panel on the right-hand side. From there, you can control the meeting and invite other Slack users to join the Hangouts session.


Simple Poll

Simple Poll comes in handy whether you want to gauge interest in adding a new feature to a product or figure out where to order lunch. You can send out quick polls to a Slack channel to get a consensus on anything you want — whether it’s work related or a poll to finally settle your most pressing interoffice debates.


Google Drive

Slack apps - Google Drive 
Credit: Slack

You can upload and share documents within Slack, but a free account only gets you 5GB of file storage. If you deal with larger files, or you don’t want them to disappear after uploading, you can integrate Google Drive into Slack. You’ll paste a shareable link into Slack, and a slackbot will ask if you what permissions (view, comment or edit) you want to give colleagues who have the link. Files won’t be stored in Slack, but they will be searchable, making it easy to find links to past documents.



Standup meetings are valuable for any agile team, but they can be time consuming, and it can be difficult to get everyone on board at the same time. Standuply is an app that integrates with Slack to automate the standup process and allow for asynchronous meetings. It interviews each team member individually and then delivers the results through Slack. It helps ensure everyone is following the process without taking shortcuts, and it helps bring remote workers into the process.

While Standuply is in beta (until the fourth quarter of 2017), it is free for all users. After that it will have free and paid plans.



Collaboration is always better when your team has a strong bond — and that bond is often strengthened by letting loose now and then. Integrating Giphy into Slack lets users quickly find the perfect animated gif to shake things up and have some fun — or to complain about the latest unrealistic request from a client. And, at the very least, it can spark a lively discussion about whether it’s pronounced “gif” or “jif.”


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