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9 developer trends you can bank on in 2016

Andrew C. Oliver | Oct. 16, 2015
From containers to NoSQL to Spark, here are the IT trends you can expect to persist next year.

Developer trend No. 4: NoSQL databases will take hold

“NoSQL” is a loser of a brand. I’d go with “highly scalable” or “cloud-ready.” With big corporate accounts like Marriott saying they did NoSQL to go to the cloud, that’s where you need to focus. Push it, go further. I think the message is out there -- and I expect 2016 to be the year when a lot of big brick-and-mortar companies publicly adopt NoSQL for critical operations.

Developer trend No. 5: Spark, Spark, Spark

Quite simply you can count on a whole lot more of Spark. Spark will stream, analyze, and enter the popular imagination. With Cloudera throwing its whole weight behind Spark and other vendors looking to jump on the next wave of big data, you can almost guarantee Spark will be everything it's cracked up to be.

Developer trend No. 6: Real-time everything

Not only real-time analytics, but real-time everything. This will start in earnest in 2016, but the trend will take years to play out. It involves changing not only your business, but your relationship with your suppliers, your customers, and everyone else. This will be one of the first truly meaningful productivity gains in the U.S. economy in more than a decade. It will change all sectors from finance to retail and manufacturing. It's a change driven by technology -- but it will cause a fundamental shift in the way business works.

Developer trend No. 7: ETL will continue to be the silent killer

It really doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. It could be a project or you simply want to add a technology to your stack -- but getting the data there and in the correct form is like 80 percent of the cost? Until ETL becomes less of a pain, it's a drag on anything new. Sadly, “ETL” isn’t a sexy marketing term, so don’t expect great improvements in this area.

Developer trend No. 8: “Self-service” will be 2016’s keyword

"Self-service" can refer to how users interact with technology -- or how customers interact with a company. The old IT mantra, “say no first until someone makes us,” doesn't work anymore. The best companies will build cultures of performance and doing the right thing -- and will make data and the processes around it self-service for all their employees. Users may bring their own devices or subscribe to cloud services, but if they can’t make it work without an onerous bureaucracy, then they won’t be productive. Self-service isn’t only a nice-to-have, it's the only way scale can be managed without dragging down productivity.

Developer trend No. 9: Management of big data and container farms


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