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9 warning signs of bad IT architecture

Bob Lewis | Aug. 11, 2017
A sound IT architecture keeps your company’s technology strategy humming. From kludges to manual re-keying to redundant apps, these are the telltale indicators of an IT environment on the brink of collapse.

Architectural impact: The more obsolete technology you have the harder it is to maintain and interface with new systems and equipment.

Direct business impact: Obsolete technology leads to increased cost of maintenance, while increasing your inability to adapt systems to new and changing business requirements.


White papers

You see a bunch of warning signs. You organize an enterprise technical architecture management group. You hire an expert or two. And their productivity is enormous.

Enormous, that is, if you measure productivity in terms of the number of white papers they publish. Changing how work gets done in IT? Of course they'll change it. So long, that is, as everyone reads their white papers, admires their business, and follows their instructions.

Architectural impact: None. Everyone ignores the architecture group.

Direct business impact: The cost of wasted salaries, paper and toner - and even more employee cynicism about yet one more management fad.


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