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AvantiKumar | June 8, 2008
Microsofts Chairman declares his companys commitment to delivering Internet access to the world.

The new world will not be new in some ways, he said. The connected worldthe live Visionenables devices and software with three themes: people, service and data along with four Cs. Content, community, communications and commerce.

LiveMesh - cloud and client computing

We are developing a box for all your data and live IDs called LiveMesh, based on the cloud and client, software and service using the power of the Internet, announced Dr Zhang. Mobility is essential to Microsofts development curve. Market growth of smart mobile devices continues to grow at a factor of 10 over the last six years. There were 120 million smart devices by end of 2007.

These advances in mobile computing from voice-to-voice plus data, and data superseded voice during 2007. Now, he said, the PIP model (personal information model) forms an essential base in the future.

Infrastructure is expected to move from 3G to 5G, and beyond, Zhang proclaimed. This indicates that wireless will be the practical solution in last-mile connectivity, though different countries may take a different approach to the actual technology used for that last mile.

An all-IP network will allow full convergence of mobile, Internet and PC, he said. The three industrieswireless, PC and Internetwill continue to converge.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Moving ahead, Dr Zhang said there are two basic ingredients: IQ, which he defined as talent; and, IP (intellectual property). These drive innovation, which embraces process innovation as well as creativity. There must be agile use of different models. For instance, in China, over 10 people million engaged in ICT development, said Dr Zhang, who applauded Malaysias efforts in placing ICT as a core focus in the countrys economic future. In Asia, there may be a danger of over-emphasising outsourcing, but this is not the backbone for future growth.

China, India and Malaysia need to emphasise ICT to close the digital divide, he said. Malaysia is ahead in some of those areas such as the national ID programme. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the opportunities and changes that are to come, he concluded.

(Watch Bill Gates addressing WCIT 2008 here)


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