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Android Pay FAQ: Everything you need to know about Google's mobile payment system

Derek Walter | Dec. 8, 2016
We cover everything from setting up Android Pay, using it as your go-to payment tool, and even saving all of your loyalty and rewards offers.

Because the retailers gets a one-time use token to a virtual card, your actual credit card details are safe. If a hacker compromises the retailers payment system, they can't actually steal anything useful. So paying with Android Pay is far more secure than using your real credit card.

How do I add a gift card?

Touch the floating action button and then choose Add a store gift card. Search for the store, which is probably in the list if it’s a major chain. If the card is for a small store not in the database, you’ll need to hold onto it.

However, if you’re adding a card for something like Best Buy or Target then you can scan it and you’ll have a digital copy inside of your Android Pay app. Expect a push notification when you are in or near the store where you can redeem it.

peets android pay gift card
That gift card you’ve had for two months doesn’t need to get lost in your drawer if you keep it in Android Pay.

Pro tip: you’ll want to delete the card one you’re done with it. Otherwise you’ll receive notifications in perpetuity even after you’ve used up the balance.

How do I add a loyalty card?

The process is very similar. Touch the floating action button, find your store, and then scan the card. You’ll then have a digital barcode at the ready and the details of your loyalty program, so you can ditch that giant keychain full of loyalty cards.

add best buy card
Scan a loyalty or gift card so it’s always with you.

The app will ping you when you walk into a store where you’ve registered a loyalty program. This way you can swipe down and show the card right from the home screen. Most retailers now just take your phone number, but this can serve as a reminder that you should rack up points with your purchase.

Does it work with Android Wear?

Not really. At this point all you get is a notification that you’ve made a payment or when you enter a store where you can use Android Pay. There have been rumors about being able to pay with your wrist piece Apple Watch style, but we’ll have to wait for Android Wear 2.0 to see if this comes to fruition.


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