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At Microsoft, quality seems to be job none

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | Dec. 17, 2014
Microsoft has blown my mind with its Windows 10 update, and not in a good way.

It also makes me wonder what is going on underneath that newly menued Windows 10 GUI. Restoring the Start Menu to Windows should not have been complex. If Microsoft couldn't keep it simple, I wouldn't have had a problem if it had just bought Stardock for its Start8 product, slapped that Windows 8 menu program on Windows 8.1 and declared victory: "Windows 10! New and improved!"

After all, Start8 works. And, presumably, Microsoft could have patched the operating system under that Start Menu and the applications that run with it without any fuss or muss.

Yes, yes, I know, Windows 10 has all kinds of other improvements. Yes, yes, it will be the most secure Windows ever.


Oh, do I seem bored? It's just that Microsoft always says the next Windows will be the most secure Windows ever, and then subsequent security patches always cover every version of Windows that's still supported anyway.

Microsoft has got to show that it can get its own programs working together after patching without hiccups. Otherwise, Microsoft won't have a chance of hitting its rumored Windows 10 release date of late summer/early fall 2015.

This is my dead-serious message to Microsoft: Your users need stability and a useful user interface more than they need new features.


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