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Business intelligence takes to cloud for small businesses

John Moore | June 5, 2014
Long the purview of deep-pocketed enterprises, business intelligence software is increasingly making its way into small-and medium-sized businesses. These firms credit cloud technology, which tends to be both cheaper and easier to manage than on-premises BI systems.

Months into its cloud business intelligence deployment, DeRoyal is at a point where it can start turning data into actionable information, Sewell says. For example, the company can now detect where sales are surging and encourage sales people to replicate that success in other territories. Conversely, the company can flag areas where sales are lagging and take steps to prevent those declines from happening in other markets.

DeRoyal also uses business intelligence to obtain insight into how various business and regulatory forces impact its 25,000 stock keeping units. The company sells medical products ranging from knee braces to shoulder immobilizers, selling directly to healthcare providers as well as through distributors.

Before its cloud BI system, DeRoyal managers couldn't be certain whether a sales trend was the result of a distributor drawing down inventory or a change in Medicare reimbursement [tk]. The company can now leverage business intelligence to make that call and adjust product offerings accordingly.

"Our goal is to make better business decisions," Sewell says. "We couldn't have done that as quickly, or cost effectively, without deploying cloud technology."


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