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Coder, sell thyself

Mark Beckner | Dec. 18, 2014
But don’t think your success as an independent contractor will require you to become anything like a used-car salesperson. It’s still your skills at the keyboard that will make all the difference.

Invest in yourself, your business and others. Making money is part of being successful in business. If you expect to make money, you must be willing to spend it and use it generously. Your relationship to and comfort level with money will have a significant impact on what types of opportunities present themselves. If you liberally invest in your own growth and the growth of your business (for example, through working with a mentor or building a professional website), your opportunities for project work will expand. If you generously give to those who work with you (such as variable and creative rates with subcontractors, partners and clients), and to charitable organizations that you want to support, you will be generously rewarded. Opportunities will materialize for you through your liberal and open use of your money.

You can achieve professional independence and business success without ever selling anything. You do not need to be a salesperson and you do not need to sell your services. Instead, always think of how to draw clients and opportunities to you. You will never have to engage in traditional sales activities if you think strategically, set rigorous goals and create numerous paths for opportunities to find you.


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