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Connected Intelligence: Making Smarter Decisions

Sri Narayanan | Dec. 6, 2017


It's no secret everything in our lives is connected all the time, at some level.

Even our commute to work, home or play is connected to the Internet, providing accessibility and convenience 24/7.

And soon, the Internet of Everything will generate vast volumes of data through sensors in our vehicles, ticketing machines, GPS locators, passenger counting and fare collection systems.

The logistics, travel & transportation industries have never lacked data, whether for a guest, passenger or cargo. The data helps to balance demand with supply to optimize revenue and profitability of its inventory and capacity.

Across shipping and logistics firms, international couriers, public transportation agencies, airlines, each are capturing customer behaviours and operational data that contain valuable insights for the business.

The problem is that there's no coherent process to connect this raw data from different systems into meaningful insights that can make decisions to impact operations, revenue or customer satisfaction.

What if companies could fuse all these data silos to create a richer, more complete picture of what is going on with their operations, of what is happening on the ground, of what is working and more importantly, of what is not.

How can an organisation unlock potential in their company data silos by learning faster and innovating smarter? How do you lay down a foundation of analytics and visualizations that will give your organisation actionable intelligence to make well-informed decisions all the time, any time?

Addressing these concerns, CIO Asia in partnership with TIBCO, NCS and Intel hosted an exclusive roundtable with IT leaders in Singapore on 9th November 2017 at the Whitegrass restaurant, Chijmes.

Sri Narayanan, executive editor and moderator, suggested that analytics has always played a significant role in logistics and transportation sectors but the opportunity today was in integrating datasets to exploit even greater potential. He went on to add that the sector is generating unprecedented data volumes even as roads and supply chains become more crowded. This is presenting new challenges for the sector in capacity planning and predictive analytics.

Nicholas Matibed
Nicolas Betbeder-Matibet

In his opening remarks, Nicolas Betbeder-Matibet, Regional VP ASEAN and Greater China at TIBCO Software Inc, noted that technology is increasingly the backbone of the transport and logistics sectors yet much of the valuable data and insights are trapped in decades-old silos that don't speak to one another.

"It's important to realize that analytics is no longer as complex as it once was. At TIBCO, we are often building advanced models for our customers in a short time and in an optimized way to deliver insights quickly. More often than not, we can help our customers achieve this in real-time," stressed Matibet.


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