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Data loss can occur in any environment

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 10, 2012
Ask the right questions prior to adopting cloud storage, suggests Kroll Ontrack

Data loss can occur in any environment, regardless of the specific technology, according to a recent survey conducted by Kroll Ontrack.

A review of 367 enterprise and service providers shows that 62 percent leverage the cloud and/or virtualisation but only 33 percent test data recovery plans regularly to ensure proper protocols are in place to protect this data.

Forty-nine percent of organisations experienced some type of data loss in the last year and 55 percent denoted data was lost from a traditional storage device.

Twenty-six percent said they experienced data loss from a virtual environment.

"The key to minimising a data loss risk and successfully recovering from a loss is asking the right questions prior to adopting a new storage medium and amending your policies and procedures accordingly," said C.K. Lee, country manager, Kroll Ontrack Singapore.

Key questions

Kroll Ontrack suggests organisations should check if their backup systems and protocols are in place before incorporating cloud in their storage architecture.

Organisations should also check if these systems and protocols meet their own in-house backup standards and whether their cloud vendor has a data recovery provider identified in its business continuity/disaster recovery plan.

In addition, organisations should also ask what are the service level agreements with regard to data recovery, liability for loss, remediation and business outcomes.

Only 17 percent of respondents test their data recovery plan regularly to validate technical and personnel readiness against cloud or virtual data loss technical recovery capabilities.

Thirteen percent of those surveyed do not have a data recovery plan.

"Whether it is human error or an operating failure, it is important to know who to turn to," said Lee. "Only 14 percent initially turn to a data recovery provider. The first chance of recovery is always the best chance, so it is critical to have a data recovery provider that is experienced in complex storage platforms such as virtual environments denoted in your data recovery plan."


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