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Domain launches open APIs for third-party developers

Rohan Pearce | Aug. 7, 2017
Property services group offers third-party developers access to its data.

Another developer is looking at surfacing Domain listings on a global property search website, he added. "Really taking our listings beyond our traditional audience and being able to grow our audience, which is super-valuable to us," Farrugia said.

He said there have also been examples of people experimenting with property search to create optimised property search offerings that cater to particular audiences.

"We've got one developer that's looking at creating a property search experience optimised around travel time to work," Farrugia said. "We've got various people playing around with property search experiences based around different affordability vectors, based on my deposit or perhaps what I can afford in terms of weekly repayments and where I want to live and surfacing things in that way.

"That's kind of intriguing because we have our core property search experience and we focus in on the broader Australian population and creating something great for as big a range of people as we can - but there's these niche use cases for property search which we're really starting to see people engage around."

Another group using the APIs has been people building community websites that seek to integrate suburb data, including demographics or data about property valuation.

Details of the Domain APIs are available from its developer portal. 


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