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Effective business process management

T.C. Seow | May 27, 2013
Executives of OpenText talk about what organisations need to put in place to gain visibility and transparency in their business operations.

Gone are the days when massive installations were meant to raise efficiencies in business processes. Today, organisations are struggling with the vast amounts of unstructured data generated from multiple sources—data that could be tapped to gain new insights and real new opportunities.

OpenText, the enterprise information management solution provider, hopes to bring order to this data chaos by enabling organisations realise the benefit of IT to their business.

John Williams, OpenText
Photo: John Williams

"OpenText's strong story is on managing and discovering content on compliance and record management of the content, and good process management capability too. Content is where the BPM aligns the apps on the business side with the operations," said John Williams, vice president, International BPM Product Marketing, at OpenText.

According to Williams, in BPM and case management, the challenge is about gaining control over business operations. Siloed applications are all over the place, he said, and what OpenText aims to do is to provide the "glue" between them, orchestrate and hence gain the agility to move information through the organisation.

"Many organisations have been doing work in many ways successfully but inefficiently. This whole concept is about driving value to the customer and the company as in reducing costs and improving quality for the customer," said Williams.

"We take a very consultative approach," added Robin Seth, BPM sales director, FSI Sector. "We don't try and shoe-horn our solution into a bank, or insurance company, or a pharmaceutical company. understand what their problem areas are, and see if we have the right solutions."

"One of the strengths of OpenText is, we have thousands of customers, dominant in the enterprise information management space, and we have different capabilities and core competencies or pillars," he said.

Although Williams and Seth focus around business process management and case management, the solutions they propose will also give the operations management team visibility and transparency around how their businesses are performing.

When asked what fundamental issues must be solved first before moving into BPM, Williams said: "First is to recognise you have an issue. It's about solving a business problem. That's where you could switch a light on. Understand how your customer wants."

He added that one needs to have best practices and some competence in the whole information management process, and understanding how to make one's business operate better. "You've got to be mature enough to actually to, on a level of the organisation, implement this and have governance in place and make sure you have the right people to support it," he said.

Although OpenText has customers from various industries, including the public sector, Williams also pointed out that they are not limited to just large organisations. Small- and medium-sized enterprises have recently been paying closer attention to EIM and the swath of solutions from OpenText, he said.


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