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From shrink wrap boxes to enterprise customisable platforms

Jack Loo | March 30, 2012
Standard Chartered Bank uses Adobe to engage customers across platforms and devices.

Adobe is looking to make waves in the enterprise space, according to Vicky Skipp, regional director, Southeast Asia, Adobe Systems. She shares with Computerworld Singapore Adobe's strategies, products and services for organisations.

1) Can you give a brief description of how your products are being deployed within an enterprise environment?

Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform equips the enterprise with the right tools to deliver enhanced online customer experiences and build custom applications that provide compelling content. It also allows enterprises to easily integrate the existing enterprise content management from repositories which sit across the enterprise, allowing them to freely create new and engaging experiences for customers without having to worry about the back-end processes. Integrations with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite also allow customers to measure, optimise and monetise the transactions their customers have across their online, mobile and social properties.

Adobe's vision for supporting the exploding growth area of digital marketing for the enterprise is to enable enterprises to remain competitive by fulfilling the '4Ms':

  • Making content on the Web and on mobile applications,
  • Managing the content created across the various platforms, ensuring consistent experiences,
  • Mobilising them on any other platform when needed, and
  • Measuring them, to ensure that you get the maximum ROI.

For example, enterprises can leverage Adobe Flex technology and Flash Builder software to build apps which are expressive and easy to use on the numerous devices across mobile platforms such as Android, RIM, and iOS. Enterprises are also able to integrate social and collaborative capabilities directly within rich applications. PDF and HTML forms can also be deployed within and outside the enterprise, allowing for a simplified user experience.

Behind the scenes, our solutions automate the business process, accessing data in real time and integrating them within the various backend systems that already sit within the enterprise. Adobe bridges the backend systems with the front end interfaces, such as the different mobile and Web platforms, complementing both ends, thus allowing the enterprise to deliver exceptional online customer experiences seamlessly.

2) What you are offering with the Digital Enterprise Platform?

The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform was built with the enterprise very much in mind, for largescale enterprise organisations whether they are commercial or government, as businesses need to successfully manage their back-end systems while addressing their customer needs on the front end. Leveraging our rich consumer design heritage, we bring this expertise to the enterprise space. Adobe helps enterprises bring a more integrated approach to building efficient, consistent and innovative online experiences not only on the Web, but on mobile devices as well by leveraging and integrating a range of leading technologies such as Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player, HTML 5, Adobe Flash Player and Flex.


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