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Hewlett Packard Enterprise opens app store for factories

Peter Sayer | Oct. 4, 2017
HPE offers a way to deploy a new manufacturing execution system with just six clicks (and a little integration work)

After that, HPE hopes to keep IT and manufacturing staff out of one another's hair.

"The competence in a manufacturing department is at the system level. They will understand how to connect applications together; they will not understand the complexities of deploying an app into a manufacturing environment, and making sure that the right patches or whatever are actually in that box," he said.

HPE is offering to take on that ongoing patching and maintenance activity. "We'll put it in with three or five years of proactive support, so you don't need to be fiddling with the IT systems inside for that period of time," he said. "Its availability is better than that of the factory systems it's supporting."

Integration and support will be taken care of by Pointnext, the new name for HPE's technical services group. Despite recently selling off its enterprise services group to CSC, now DXC Technology, HPE still has around 25,000 service staff worldwide.

Going forward, HPE hopes to have not just IT teams on its side, but also the creators of factory tooling. I'Anson envisions a day when a factory can be fitted out with a new production line and a rack of HPE servers to control it, onto which the necessary software can be downloaded, pre-configured by the tool maker itself.


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