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How Expedia supports global workforce collaboration with Dropbox

Scott Carey | April 27, 2016
Expedia had 10,000 employees using Dropbox before it decided to launch the file storage and collaboration tool company-wide

The increased security Dropbox has introduced over the past few years has allowed him to decommission an in-house tool for secure file transfer. By giving everyone a Dropbox account: "We were able to get it out of the environment and migrate all of our users [to Dropbox] within fifteen days," he says.

When it comes to cloud-based solutions for file storage Burgess says Expedia has been looking for solutions for a while, including file storage vendors such as Talon, but: "We don't want to have lots and lots of point solutions, we want to have one that solves several, and that is a huge benefit from the user's point of view and from a cost point of view."

Project Infinite

Expedia also spoke about its excitement around the big product announcement of the day at Dropbox's customer event: Project Infinite.

This feature promises a means for accessing all of your files, whether stored locally or in the Dropbox cloud, from Windows File Explorer (Windows 7 backwards compatible) or Mac OS X Finder without the lag of a network drive.

In practice this means files saved locally will display with the familiar green tick and files stored in Dropbox will appear alongside but with a grey cloud symbol. Your computer will simply download these files when you need to access them. As an added bonus you can view the document's key information - such as size and modification dates - with a 'right click'  as you would a local file.

As Ben Newhouse the engineering lead for Project Infinite says: "Access to all your Dropbox content from your desktop, regardless of its capacity."

Project Infinite is only available to a select number of sponsor customers at the moment, with no news on wider availability yet.

Newhouse went on to speak about the benefits: "Rather than build an entire new file system we integrate deeply in the core of the one you already have and make it better. Rock solid reliability and performance while still getting the functionality you are used to."

Project Infinite: IT benefits

Expedia's Burgess said that Project Infinite has benefits for IT teams as well, particularly around enabling consolidation. He said that Project Infinite is "exciting and it has the possibility to [replace all file share and storage]".

"Having physical infrastructure in over a hundred offices and having to maintain that infrastructure, and manage complex file systems and permissioning has a cost associated with it," he says.

"So if you can remove the physical side of it, and no longer rely on upgrades, you can focus your time and effort on providing other solutions."

Source: Computerworld UK


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