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How Salesforce helped Encyclopaedia Britannica shift from leather-bound books

Scott Carey | June 24, 2016
How the historic company adapted to the democratisation of information in the internet age

"The good news in all of that, apart from getting a fraction of the print sales, is we are getting millions of people coming to our sites," says Ross. benefits

In terms of the Salesforce suite of products Ross is specifically a fan of Pardot, the content marketing software Salesforce acquired as part of its purchase of ExactTarget in 2013.

This allows the marketing team at Encyclopaedia Britannica to do "intelligent email prediction instead of blasting people. It allows you to customise your emails. You don't want a university professor opening an email about a kindergarten product."

Ross believes that Salesforce has allowed for a more linked up approach to business, and that the new efficiencies and transparency the platform provides has had a direct effect on the company's top line earnings, with Ross saying that profit margins have increased by 8% since Salesforce adoption.

"The big benefit is probably transparency," says Ross, "because all the data and information on our product representatives and customers are visible and in one place we are able to manage our business in a way we couldn't before. Now that reps are more efficient and spending less time on admin, they can spend more time selling."

"The benefit is right there, in that our profit margins have gone up with the increase in efficiency, and that's the biggest benefit at the end of the day."

Source: Computerworld UK 


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