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HP: Enterprise customer experience gives edge over Amazon's 'consumer' cloud

Matthew Finnegan | April 15, 2013
HP can stake a bigger claim in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market by creating an enterprise-friendly rival to Amazon’s ‘consumer’ cloud, according to the head of the firm’s Converged Cloud unit, Saar Gillai.

In order to build out its cloud offerings, HP has aligned itself with OpenStack, with a focus on enabling simple transition between different public and private clouds. The common architecture enabled by its use of OpenStack is a key proponent of this standards based approach, allowing greater interoperability between clouds, and going some way to allaying CIO fears of lock in that surrounds some proprietary systems.

HP has supported OpenStack for two years now, and contributessubstantial amounts of code to the development of the open source system which is gaining acceptance as other large players jump on board.

Gilla said that the development of tools around OpenStack is where HP can further differentiate itself in the open source area.

"You will see a bunch of really interesting stuff around OpenStack from us on top of the kernel," he said. "We believe for OpenStack to go mainstream in the enterprise it is going to require significant things around it, the same way that Linux requires all kinds of tooling around it. From now to the end of the year you will be seeing some very interesting things around that from HP around tools, capabilities and support."


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