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IBM introduces new technologies for big data

Veronica C. Silva | April 11, 2013
Focus is on technologies to help organisations process data faster.

IBM recently introduced new technologies designed to help companies harness its most valuable resource these days: big data.

These technologies focus on the need to speed up the data processing from a variety of sources, such as mobile devices and social media networks, but at lower costs. IBM said that with technologies that can speed up the processing of data, organisations can come up with analyses and reports faster and simpler to help in decision-making.

IBM introduced the BLU Acceleration and the IBM PureData System for Hadoop open source software, some of the company's latest innovations to help organisations deal with big data.

Big Blue said Blu Acceleration make data queries faster by as much as 1,000 times because the technology uses in-memory systems. This is possible by loading data into the random access memory instead of hard disks, thus, allowing faster processing, which, in turn, can help organisations in better decision-making.


Another recent innovation, the IBM PureData System designed for Hadoop, helps organisations process both structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources - from posts to social media sites, digital pictures and videos, online transaction records, and cell phone location data.

Hadoop is an open source software project particularly useful in processing large data sets across clusters of servers. IBM said it can scale from one to more servers and with a high degree of fault tolerance.

IBM said the new system it developed for Hadoop makes it easier for organisations to set up Hadoop with powerful and easy-to-use analytic tools and visualisation. Instead of weeks, the system can reduce the setup time to only minutes.

"Big data is about using all data in context at the point of impact," said Bob Picciano, general manager, IBM Information Management. "With the innovations we are delivering, now every organisation can realise value quickly by leveraging existing skills as well as adopt new capabilities for speed and exploration to improve business outcomes."


These new innovations are in addition to IBM's portfolio of Big Data solutions that are already out in the market. IBM's Big Data platform includes both traditional data warehousing technologies and new technologies that can be integrated with the help of IBM services.

IBM also introduced new versions of some of these big data solutions, including the InfoSphere BigInsights, also for the enterprise-ready Hadoop; InfoSphere Streams, a "stream computing" software that can analyse data in real time; and Informix with TimeSeries Acceleration for operational reporting and analytics on smart meter and sensor data.

All of the announced solutions are available in the second quarter of 2013 except for the Hadoop solution, which will be available in the second half of the year. 


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