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Internet of Things in healthcare: What's next for IoT technology in the health sector

Graysen Christopher | July 20, 2016
How Internet of Things technology is changing the healthcare industry

Companies and healthcare organisations will need to join up their policies to allow for the secure accessing of information, while also stringently protecting the content from being hacked. As every data leak from the NHS has shown, people are fiercely wary of their medical records, not to mention other information that hospitals could hold, like finance and national insurance numbers.

Hackers would, no doubt, be interested in this treasure trove of information - whether for financial gain or anything else, for example, reputation or blackmail.

Inova Design's Leon Marsh believes that there's "clearly" an issue around who owns the data, how it's used, how it's held, and how secure it is.

"That's from the product team storing it on the product through to the response team that may respond to something, or the clinician themselves," he says. "Feeding into the clinical records of the patients is another aspect of that."

From an operational perspective, there's the challenge of bringing in people and systems to manage and make the most of this enormous jumble of data itself.

And so, according to Marsh, the way forward could be in better infrastructure, improved data regulations, bolstered security, while at the same time reducing red tape for trusted IoT companies to generate and access this data.

Of course, there's no shortage of policy makers, businesses, NGOs, charities and public trusts who are interested in leveraging technology in health in the most efficient way possible - there are a raft of conferences that, if not focused wholly on health tech, touch upon it. One is Healthy IoT, an international event that is coming up to its third year, covering topics ranging from data streaming to security and privacy.

A shift toward IoT and apps in the field of healthcare allows any company to essentially become a 'healthcare provider'. But time will tell if the proper precautions are in place to win over professionals and patients to making the most of IoT in health - a market that, if tapped into correctly, has considerable potential in well being and in business.

Source: Computerworld


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