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Japan's constant change

John Ricciardi | Sept. 20, 2010
10 years ago, the playing field in games was very, very different from today

And every time Capcom releases a Monster Hunter game for PSP, it sells several million copies and almost single-handedly guarantees the PSP's continued existence. Never mind the fact that my cell phone acts as a train pass, a digital wallet, and has built-in TV, videoconferencing, and a 12-megapixel camera that takes HD video. Simply put, Japan is king when it comes to handhelds.

So maybe I don't need to be so bitter after all. It took a while, but I've really come to appreciate handheld gaming across all platforms -- DS, PSP, iPhone, and even my Japanese cell phone. And now I'm most excited about the introduction of the next-generation DS and PSP systems. Living in Japan has made me a fan of games like Monster Hunter (I know -- U.S. gamers love to bash it, but give it some proper playtime with friends and you will be hooked), and the thought of the next version showing up on one of the new handhelds makes me giddy. Of course, said handhelds will probably be released in America first and I'll have to import yet again. But that's all right'I'm used to it.

John Ricciardi lives and works in Japan, where he helps run 8-4, the game-localization company that holds the record for most ESRB descriptors for a Nintendo-published title.


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