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JavaScript upgrade to feature modularization

Paul Krill | Sept. 29, 2011
ECMAScript 6, which will also provide developers with more convenience and security, is anticipated for release in 2013

ECMA is considering including classes in ECMAScript at some point, which would provide engineering benefits for structuring a program. Additionally, a proxies capability is being eyed for a future ECMAScript implementation that would let developers "play with the underlying semantics of JavaScript objects," Herman said. This can be useful for frameworks experimenting with different styles of software engineering or re-implementing existing Web APIs such as DOM (Document Object Model).  Mozilla's dom.js project re-implements the DOM library in JavaScript instead of C++, using proxies, said Herman. "There could be real performance benefits."

New features of JavaScript can be added via a transpiler to browsers that don't officially support them. Mozilla has a project called Narcissus that could feature a transpiler but does not yet do so.



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