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Leveraging the cloud for social as well as business benefits: Fujitsu Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Dec. 7, 2010
Company restructuring to meet global demand for cloud services.
KUALA LUMPUR, 7 DECEMBER 2010 -- Technology firm Fujitsu is restructuring and rebranding to meet rising global demands for cloud-powered services for both economic as well as social benefits, it said.

"In the last few months, the company launched its new cloud service portfolio," said Lew. "This is not only a business move but one that continues Fujitu's continuing philosophy of using technology to reap social benefits for the world."

"We believe cloud computing is a game changer," said Lew. "Those companies that do not adopt this may be forced into becoming niche players."

"Use of smart grids, healthcare networks, sophisticated traffic systems, food and medical safety and innovation are some of the results of using cloud-powered solutions," he said. "Other revolutionary concepts include intelligent cars that are linked to GPS to avoid jams."

"For instance, it is more efficient to deliver cloud-powered health applications rather than install these into every hospital in the country," Lew said. "Security aspects are developing rapidly and able to meet demands from defence departments now."

Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu operates in 70 countries with 172,000 staff, which includes three factories and 3,000 staff in Malaysia. 

 Diverting profits to R&D

"Profits from last year are to be spent on developing and enhancing our cloud computing solutions," he said. "Using cloud reduces cost on delivering IT services, maintaining data centres as well as a reduction of carbon footprints."

"Despite the economic downturn, Fujitsu achieved net sales in 2009 amounting to US$50.3 billion with R&D spending of five per cent of the total revenue, which is higher than many companies," said Lew.

"About 16,000 researchers and 14,000 development engineers are focused on research and development to underpin the new focus," said Lew, adding that Fujitsu currently holds the number three position globally and number one in Asia. gThe company is an end-to-end ICT player."

"In cloud computing, the company offers desktop as a service, software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)," he said.

 New cloud initiatives

"It is also in the midst of a company-wide restructuring and rebranding as part of a new programme of initiatives through to 2012," he said. "The philosophy is to think globally and act locally."

"In addition, the focus is on helping our customers improve their business as well as reduce their environmental footprint through a transparent pay-per-use business model, which is elastic and scalable to business needs," said Lew. "Accelerating the cloud business will offer a combination of private clouds, hybrid and eventually public clouds," he said.

"Fujitsu is spending about US$1.1 billion in expanding its cloud platform to five locations outside of Japan in 2010UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany and the US,h he said. gA sixth centre will be in Japan and the new set of data centres will deliver cloud services to any company in the world."

"However, collaboration is essential to move dynamically and Fujitsu has partnered with companies that include SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, NetApp, VMware Symantec,, and Cisco," he added.

"The company's use of cloud computing is the leading edge of its long-term strategy to using ICT to contribute to society, enhance the quality of life, and conserve resources as well as maintaining a business focus," said Lew.