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Local SME develops water monitoring system that detects behaviour of fishes

Jack Loo | July 12, 2012
New platform promises to help save manpower and operational costs

A Singapore firm has developed a water monitoring system that works by detecting the behaviour of fishes.

ZWEEC Analytics has developed Fish Activity Monitoring System (FAMS) which can automatically monitor and analyse swimming patterns and activities of fishes to determine if further checks on water quality are needed.

One of the ways agencies in Singapore monitor the quality of its water supply is to observe the behaviour of fresh water fishes placed inside tanks containing water samples collected daily from different reservoirs and waterways across the island. This human observation process can be a laborious process, as well as subjected to differing opinions on the behaviour of the fishes.

With a camera monitoring each tank of 20 fishes linked to FAMS, it can pick up any signs of distress from fishes, which may indicate irregularity in water quality. If the system detects half the school dying, a water sample will be automatically collected for further analysis and a warning alert sent to staff for immediate human intervention.

In Singapore, this system has been adopted by the country's national water agency, PUB, to monitor water quality in various important locations such as service reservoirs and waterworks. FAMS can be located in remote locations and the data can be sent for monitoring at a centralised control centre.

The system is already reeling in overseas business contracts of up to S$7 million (US$5.51 million) for ZWEEC Analytics over the next three to five years and the company expects more interested parties from the region to use the system. Potential customers include large corporations and governments from the region.

FAMS was developed by ZWEEC Analytics in collaboration with PUB and government research institute I2R. Research agencies like I2R have been providing technical support to numerous local SMEs, giving them a competitive edge and help them break into the international market.

"I2R played an important role to where FAMS has reached today through our close working partnership. I hope this partnership will be exemplary to more SMEs in Singapore," said Liaw Kok Eng, chief executive officer of ZWEEC Analytics.


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