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MPS Asia market to expand: Fuji Xerox

Ross O. Storey | April 18, 2011
Fuji Xerox expects the managed print services (MPS) Asia market to grow about 20 per cent every year for the next three years, with expansion to remain in the double digits after then.

MIS Asia editor Ross O. Storey shared thoughts on the popularity of this growing MPS trend, with Fuji Xerox corporate vice president and president of Fuji Xerox global services, Maskai Okano.

How would you describe the current managed print services environment in Asia and how is it progressing in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong?

 We see MPS growing across Asia. It is already popular in Hong Kong, and we expect a steady growth moving forward. Singapore and Malaysia have much potential and we expect strong growth, with compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 20 per cent.

 What do you see as the key obstacles that generally confront enterprises when they consider adopting MPS for their operations?

 To take full advantage of MPS, the customer needs to adapt to a change in the business process. Most customers feel uncomfortable to accept changes and they may see this as a challenge. Customers need to understand the benefit of MPS and ultimately accept change within the organisation. Fuji Xerox works with customers to deliver the change management programme which facilitates a smooth transition to effective and efficient operations.

 What are your thoughts about the numbers of machines and redundant hardware that seem likely to be produced when enterprises adopt MPS? What should enterprises do with this old equipment and how can they recycle it?

 MPS incorporates everything to create an effective and efficient printing environment. A trusted MPS provider can support equipment from other vendors so that customers do not have to replace existing devices with the vendor's brand. Fuji Xerox will take appropriate measures and follow the recycle process of other vendors, if necessary.

 What impact is the current increased environmental awareness and concern about global warming having on the adoption of MPS in Asia and how can MPS contribute to corporate sustainability?

 MPS attracts a lot of attention with this increased environmental awareness. By optimising the print environment with our MPS offering, customers can expect to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, and solid waste by 20-30 per cent. Part of our programmes to achieve this includes device management, implementation of energy-saving devices, and duplex printing. We also regularly report benefits through optimisation with quantitative data and an increasing number of customers request this report. 

 How does Fuji Xerox plan to expand into China and South Korea and where does Asia sit on the company's priority list for future sales?

 China is the biggest opportunity in Asia, and we will aggressively develop the MPS market. We also expect strong growth in South Korea. The industry structure in South Korea is similar to Japan, and so we plan to align our go-to-market strategy between South Korea and Japan.




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